BO2 is our concept for living comfort, well-being and good neighbourhoods. BO2 is a brand new way of living where you get all the benefits of living in a detached house in an apartment, but avoid boring maintenance jobs like mowing the lawn and shovelling snow.

My page

My page is a service that makes it easier to find answers to any questions you may have about your new home. Here you can find all the information you need about your new home and its history, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. You can also report any damage or defects.

My page will be launched in October.

Cooperate and social responsibility

The environmental challenges we face in the future require us to rethink how we build, work and live.

Energy use related to construction and housing accounts for 40% of all energy consumed by society. This means that we as real estate actor have a special responsibility to develop and build sustainably. A responsibility we at Vestaksen Eiendom take seriously.

We want to be a pioneer when it comes to initiatives that have a positive impact on the environment and a driving force behind a green shift. Our goal is for you, as a customer and user of our buildings, to share our environmental commitment in the planning and construction of your new building.

Some of the environmental and energy measures we focus on are investing in solar cell technology and using and reusing materials that reduce emissions and energy consumption. We have already implemented important measures in buildings that are under construction and want, together with you as a customer, to do even more. 





We believe that part of the answer to the environmental challenges of the future lies in good communal solutions that help to reduce consumption. That is why many of our homes have a communal car pool available so that those who want to can actually get rid of their own car. Communal trailers in dedicated spaces in the garage can also be used by residents. Fully-equipped carpentry rooms, communal ski waxing rooms, hobby rooms and car washing space in garages are some of what our residents appreciate. Everyone does not have to own everything; much can be shared.

A green shift requires new solutions. A form of living where a good living environment goes hand in hand with environmental considerations is a step in the right direction.